bill de

BillDe is an application which helps newspaper vendors to run their business in ease. According to our survey, it is first in the market and there is no competition till date. It focuses mainly on the major needs of newspaper vendors. It’s aimed mainly to help vendors perform hassle free business.

my sheti

MySheti is an online android application through which farmers can purchase grocery, seeds, fertilizers, pesticides and agri related equipments. They can also sale their farm products to the end user. Farmers need our solution because we are providing all the necessary things at their doorstep in a cheaper rate which saves their money and giving appropriate value for their farm products.


Dog Mitra means friends of Dog. Dog is a good friend of human beings from ancient time. We bring dogs at home, but do we really love them? Do we try to fulfil their natural needs? This platform connects the communities such as Dog lovers (Dog owner’s community), Veteran/Doctors community, Facility providers, Groomers, food providers, Dog hostels etc. This is a marriage matrimony website and application for pets. The main aim is to connect Male Dogs to the Female dog. Pet animals cannot fulfill their natural requirements, because pet owners cannot find a right partner on right time.


EIMS is a school management software which helps school manage complex functions such as fees, results, attendance, timetable, staff, notifications, documents, transport, online examination, hostel, etc. Also, it has an app which acts as a communication tool between the school, its students and their parents which helps keep them informed, happy and impressed.