Jagriti Enterprise Network

Jagriti Enterprise Network is spearheaded by a group of like-minded individuals, who share a common vision of contributing to nation building through enterprise-led development. Our Team, Board Members and Advisory Panel comprises of experts with diverse professional experience and global exposure. Driven by passion, guided by vision, supported by academic knowledge and proven corporate excellence, we work as a group to make our vision come true.


Linkbharat, a leg of Geetai Humankind Development Trust, is working in the field of Education, Health Sector, Social, Agriculture and Spirituality. It has been into the field for a decade now. It has a strong network for its promotion through social media, personalized, e-governance, inter-connecting with associate networks and organizing events/conferences etc.


Dog Mitra means friend of Dog. Dog is a good friend of human beings from ancient time. We bring dogs at home, but do we really love them? Do we try to fulfil their natural needs? This platform connects the communities such as Dog lovers (Dog owner’s community), Veteran/Doctors community, Facility providers, Groomers, food providers, Dog hostels etc. This is a marriage matrimony website and application for pets. The main aim is to connect Male Dogs to the Female dog. Pet animals cannot fulfill their natural requirements, because pet owners cannot find a right partner on right time.

dr. prakash amte

Dr. Prakash Amte is an M.B.B.S. graduate and medical doctor by profession. He carries out many activities such as performing complex surgeries, fractures, and simple eye surgeries. He has firsthand experience in hand rearing of wild-life animals from leopards to huge bears, and many wild animals.

Adeetya kitchen

Adeetya’s Modern Indian Kitchen is an innovative concept poised to change the very way we looked at our kitchens. Modern Indian lady plays many roles. She is both a house-wife and a professional. While our outlook is modern, our values are still traditional. Adeetya’s Kitchen concept combines modern living with traditional cooking style.