Through our CSR program we conduct Dnyatra which involves outbound training programs and various management activities. This travel is specially designed for youth which helps to transform their lives.

We also work for farmers to bring financial stability in their life. With the help of technology, we are supporting them to sale their farm products over online platform. We have developed Mysheti application aiming farmers overall growth.

About Dnyatra

Dnyatra stands for Dnyan Yatra. It helps to explore one‘s inner potential and bring out the best out of him. The concept of Dnyatra is based on Bhagvadgeeta’s fourth chapter.

Approach the knowledgeable persons with gratitude and get the real knowledge by asking right questions. Their guidance will make your path clear. -Bhagavadgeeta

Dyantra is selecting dynamic youngsters and connecting them with the great personalities which will bring transformation in their life. In today’s world, Bharat is the only nation with maximum population of youth who have the strength and willingness to serve the nation. This youth needs motivation, inspiration and proper guidance. For this, experience and guidance of role models can prove beneficial in order to channelize their energy in the most constructive way. Thus, Dnyatra is finding different Dnyani’s (experienced and established people in their own fields) who can guide the youth. Through Dnyatra, selected youngsters will travel across the nation to meet different Dnyani’s. In this travel, youth will spend maximum time with these great personalities and get required knowledge to lead a successful life. This travel will help them explore their own potential and vision of life. know more...